I am writing this, to tell you how grateful I am for that most impressive aura photo you made for me yesterday!!!  Also,I find no proper words to express my gratitude for the message that came with it!

It was a great pleasure to make your aquaintance and a divinely orchestrated coincidence. Keep up the good job because what you are doing works marvellously.

Wish you the very best.


Many thanks to Howard at Aurastars for the aura reading – the results were fascinating.  The colours and balance were different from what I had expected – in a pleasantly surprising way!  I have since felt reassured that I am on the right life path, and my confidence both in myself and towards others has been boosted as I feel more sure of my own abilities and purpose.  I suppose it has made me see the subtle and positive differences between people and the value of what we can all offer to the world, making me feel special in my own right and appreciating others’ qualities.  Howard’s reading was especially insightful, and both he and his assistant were warm, welcoming and patient in answering my questions.

Sarah, Warrington