Aura Health

Some methods to protect your aura

Your aura, or energy field, surrounds you and protects you.  It is like a magnet, picking up vibrational energies that are floating around everywhere you go.  Your vitality and well being depend on maintaining a healthy aura.  Every emotion or thought we experience is reflected in some way in the energy field.  The food and drink we choose, any drugs, medicinal or otherwise, our environment, all affect the aura.  To keep the aura in great shape we need to make wise choices about our lifestyle, but most of us will benefit from a cleansing regime too.  It is important to cleanse our auras, freeing them of foreign vibrations and negative energies.  Fortunately there are many, varied ways to do this, and some are a lot of fun!

Quick methods

  • Using your fingers as a comb, comb through the space surrounding your body from head to toe. Clean your hands with running water before and after doing this.
  • Walking in the rainfall.  (NEVER walk in a thunderstorm!).
  • Run freely and playfully in the wind.
  • Using a single feather or feather whisk make sweeping motions through the space surrounding your body.  (Turkey or Owl feathers are especially good to use)
  • Outdoor sunlight and exercise.

Other Aura cleansing methods

Prayer and meditation are central to the achievement of healthy energy systems. Prayer connects us with our Higher Power bringing emotional balance and stability. The power of prayer can be quite amazing. Meditation helps us quiet our busy minds so that we can become open to listening, being, and hearing from Universal Powers. These practices energize and heal our energy systems.

Aura Meditation: Sit in a quiet place where you will not be disturbed for 10 to 15 minutes. Sit in a chair or on the floor, but keep your back straight. If you choose to use spiritual music, begin the tape now.

Close your eyes and take in 3 deep breaths through your nose. As you do, imagine the positive white light of the universe entering your lungs and energizing your physical body. As you exhale through your mouth, imagine a gray smoke that carries with it any negativity, stress or anxiety as it exits your body. Say to yourself ‘I release all stress and negative emotions to the universe, where they can be dissipated and no longer do harm to anyone’. As you take in the final breath, imagine your source’s energy filling your lungs with a large ball of pure protective white light.

As you return to normal breathing imagine the white ball of light beginning to grow as it mixes with your own energy. As the ball becomes larger, the positive light pushes through your organs, tissue and muscles, forcing any leftover stress out of your body and into the universe to be dispersed. Imagine the energy pushing up through your chest, neck and head. Then see the energy pushing downward, through your stomach, hips, legs and feet.

When you have imagined the light fully encompassing your entire body, push the light farther out in front of you to open a doorway through your aura. Imagine a giant pair of pure white hands opening your aura and pushing it aside like a curtain. Sit for approximately 10-15 minutes and allow your source’s light to energize your body.

Letting white or gold light flow in through your crown, through your aura and body, and out through your feet will remove any unwanted energies. Imagine the light raining down on you or bathe in it. Visualize a bowl full of white light; scoop it up with your hands and bathe your whole body from head to toe. It can be interesting and useful to spend some time imagining mists, smokes, rains, and lights of different colors filling your aura. How does a golden rain make you feel? What about a green mist? Or a purple smoke? Or a glowing red light? If you experiment in this way, note the colours that feel good for you, and go back to them for a while before you close.

Musical notes & sounds & chants
Sound and music can be used to heal the energy system. Sound can activate the chakras which the aura field emanates from. There are different types of music being produced today that can activate chakras, which in turn activate the entire endocrine system.

Here is an easy method to cleanse your aura using crystals. Take your crystal and starting over the head ( about 6 inches above the crown) use one end and move in tiny counter clockwise circles ( to the left) all the way down the front of the body and about 6 inches past the soles of the feet. Then, turn your crystal around and going in clockwise (to the right) make tiny circles, moving back up the body and back off the top of the head. Once you are done, set the crystal down & now sweep your hands in a downward sweeping motion across the front of the body and down the sides. You can also wear crystal jewelry or carry crystals for protection.

Using a smudging tool is part of many Native American traditions. The burning of herbs for emotional, psychic, and spiritual purification is also common practice among many religious, healing, and spiritual groups. The ritual of smudging can be defined as “spiritual house cleaning.” In theory, the smoke attaches itself to negative energy and as the smoke clears it takes the negative energy with it, releasing it into another space where it will be regenerated into positive energy. Smudging serves to reunite you with your awareness of your subtle energy bodies .As you smudge, you have the opportunity to reconnect with your divine nature and your soul’s path through prayer and meditation. The smoke is designed to clear negative energies or “bad vibes” from your aura.

How To Smudge Yourself

Put the smudge stick to flame using a match or candle light. Blow on or wave the flame with your hand to put out the fire. Allow the smudge stick to smolder, freeing the smoke to circle in the air. Fan the swirls of smoke around your body’s aura from head to toe. One of the easiest ways to describe smudging is to liken it to a steam bath; however, instead of steam we use a smoke that is created by burning a combination of herbs blended to purify the aura. We can “bathe” ourselves by scooping the smoke into our hands and “pouring” it over the body.

Common Herbs Used in Smudge Sticks

  • Sage / White Sage
  • Cedar / Pine
  • Lavender
  • Sweet Grass
  • Mugwort
  • Copal
  • Hyssop
  • Eucalyptus
  • Rosemary

Take care to do some deep breathing exercises while cleansing your aura to aid in flushing your inner body.

You can cleanse the aura using nothing more elaborate than breath. Breathe in deeply through your nose whilst counting to ten. Then, with lips pressed slightly together, exhale through your mouth to a count of ten. Repeat this cleansing breath three times.

This is a real quickie and can be used anywhere for a fast refresher. Violet Flame Visualization The violet flame is another effective way to cleanse the aura of negative energies. Imagine a bonfire burning a strong violet. Step into the flames and let them burn away all the negative energy surrounding you. Increase the intensity of this meditation by vocalizing “I AM the violet flame”. The violet flame is very purifying and transmutes your energies to a higher vibration.

Aura Bathing

  • Immerse and soak your body in an Epsom salt bath.
  • Here’s an easy way to cleanse your aura with an aura cleansing bath – place a cup full worth of baking soda in the warm bath water, soak for about 15-20 minutes, and dunk yourself totally at the end (before you get out) SEVEN times. During the time in the bath – use it to think, meditate, pray, release tensions, fears, tears, etc.
  • If you are susceptible to spirit “cling-ons” and can’t shake off the influence of a negative energy feeding off of yours, then this technique should give you the jolt needed to clean them off – literally. WARNING : DO NOT attempt this technique if you suffer from any heart condition or serious health problem.

The Process:

  • Take a cold shower.
  • That’s it – the shock of the cold will temporarily have you “jump out of your skin” and in that moment, any hangers on should jump out too and are literally and effectively “washed off”.
  • You can follow with warm water to relax you again, but it is the shock that does the trick. It certainly boosts the circulation too, leaving you feeling fresh and invigorated.
  • (Solarized water is another way in which the energy of color can be taken into the body. This is an easy and inexpensive way in which to become personally involved in color healing. Simply place purified water within a colored bottle and allow it to be bathed in sunlight for a period of time. The rays of the sun, filtered through the colored bottle, energize the water along a specific line of color vibration. What you end up with is a healing tonic)

Other Important Methods:

Connecting with nature has a profound effect on your energy systems. There are many ways to use nature such as connecting with trees; communicating with all types of nature; using vibrational essences such as Choming Essences which are made from nature to effect healing at all levels; using water for healing of energy systems; being with nature and allowing the vibration of nature to bring healing into your energy system.

Healing with colour is powerful. Different colours have different vibrations that affect different elements of a person. E.g. green is a color that affects healing and calmness so if you want to focus on staying calm and supporting your healing, wear the colour green, do some pore breathing with the color green, visualize that you are breathing in the color green, or decorate your room with the colour green. If you want to feel energized, do the same with the colour red.

Intellectual stimulation and intellectual pursuits are critical elements required for healthy energy systems. The mind rests in the mental aura and this level of the aura needs to be stimulated or it will slow down, accelerating the aging process. We need to be learning, interested, and passionate about something at all times in our lives.

It is only when we spend time alone that we can deeply communicate with our Higher Power, internalize the experiences of the day, get in touch with our thoughts and feelings, and ground ourselves so that we are truly with ourselves and our lives in that moment. You can go though life only partially experiencing what is actually happening to you, fairly unconscious to the experiences of the moment.

Loving yourself and being able to give and receive love from family, friends and community are important. When we feel love we release certain chemicals in our body and when we are angry we release a different set of chemicals. We have been made to achieve a certain balance and an imbalance in these types of emotions affects the vibrancy of our energy systems.

Owning your emotions and being able to express your emotions to others is fundamental to having a healthy energy system. Emotions not felt or expressed remain lodged in our physical and energetic bodies creating blockages, distorting our chakras, and creating holes in our auras. Repressed and unfelt emotions make us ill in the long-term. It’s important to learn how to release emotions lodged within to release blockages and allow our chakras to function harmoniously and actively.

Creativity in your life is a vital element of a healthy energy system. Creativity is not necessarily painting or sculpting, but it can include these activities. It can also be cooking, gardening, needlework, studying, hiking, or many other different types of activities.

Past lives can play a major role in the health of our energy systems. Valerie Hunt in her book “The Infinite Mind” describes the effects of past lives in great detail. You can touch one of your past lives through meditation either alone or with an energy therapist. Past lives lodged in your auras can provide you with deep insight into your soul purpose or core issue for this life.

Spiritual integrity in all aspects of our lives is necessary for healthy and vibrant health. Values can become quite confused today. People can love their children and spouse, cheat at the office, are ruthless in business, help in their community, and be kind and generous with their aging parents. A lack of spiritual integrity in any aspect of life will seriously affect your energy system.

Become aware of which individuals deplete your energy and limit your contact with them.

Aura hygiene should be practiced daily in one way or another.

If you do, you’ll soon notice a difference in your energy levels and well-being!