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1040552_609878592370851_2018864552_oMy name is Howard Minton & I offer a fully comprehensive Aura Photography service & with this service the client receives  a full-colour Aura photograph , a two-page computerized report describing that persons energy balance & what their individual colours mean & I also give my added interpretation of the photo & then follow this by giving a channelled philosophical message for that client to complete the session.

What drew me to Aura Photography

Having always had a keen interest in photography I always had wanted to pursue a professional photographic career. However, life had other ideas & took a different path through my pharmacy career. Little did I know that many years later I would be pursuing a photographic career of a different sort – a professional aura photographer. It thus combines two branches of photography in one – taking the individuals photography plus the wonderful added benefit of photographing that persons’ aura as well! Hence I am doubly fulfilled !!

How I got into Aura Photography

My first venture into aura photography started in October 1997 when I opened my first holistic centre, The Medicine Wheel in Bramhall, Stockport. I purchased my first aura camera to use in the centre and this was used very successfully until the centre closed in 2003. I then went further field to Anglesey and then Menorca when it was again used with success until I returned to live in the UK at the end of 2008.

I purchased the newer version of the Aura camera, the Winaura Pro which has many more added features than my original camera and I now use this with great success at many Mind Body Spirit events in the North-West of England and the UK and also still in Menorca, as well as in Cyprus and the United States.

As a fully qualified UK pharmacist with over 30 years of experience, I practise pharmacy on a full-time basis for a national community pharmacy company near Manchester.

Having previously been a successful proprietor of three community pharmacies in Stockport, Cheshire, I opened and managed a holistic centre called The Medicine Wheel from 1998 to 2003.  Here, I explored a wide range of complementary therapies and spiritual subjects and worked with many interesting, talented and innovative people.

In 2005 I opened another successful Medicine Wheel in Menorca, Spain.  Since then, I have been to the U.S. to gain more knowledge and experience and have now returned to live again in the UK.

Working Holistically

My belief is that the person should be treated as a whole (holistically) and it is not just about treating symptoms of disease or illness in isolation and that we benefit greatly when we take part in our own healing process.  This then leads to addressing the whole human condition of mental, emotional, physical and spiritual aspects which are all inter-connected.

With our everyday busy and hectic lives, it is common for us to become out of balance and the holistic and healing products that I am supplying through my website will help to promote balance, harmony, healing and a greater feeling of well being.

It is not always easy to discern which product to choose from because there are so many products already out there on the market with many more being introduced virtually daily.  However, I believe that the merchandise that I am promoting through my website offers potentially life-enhancing health benefits to all those who choose to use them and it my intention to further expand & enhance this range in the near future.

Get in Touch

To enquire about any of my services or to book for Aura Photography, please complete the form below or telephone me on 07773 463690.